Leica Hektor 73mm f1.9 ltm lens.


This is quite a rare Leica lens being one of only 7500 made. The 73mm Hektor is one of Leica's earliest fast portrait lenses made between 1930 - 1941. This lens is serial number 129101, showing that it was manufactured in 1932.


Overall the lens is in good condition with minor paint ware to the focus and aperture rings and some minor signs of use to the lens body. The front and rear elements have some very minor cleaning marks, also some minor internal cleaning marks which have zero effect on images produced.


Rear element has some tiny bubble from the manufacturing process.


Overall Condition: Good

Fully Functioning: Yes 



Dents: None

Scratches: Some minor wear

Brassing: Yes, some black paint ware on focus and aperture rings.



Scratches: Some minor cleaning marks.

Internal Dust: A few tiny specs.

Fungus : None

Haze : None

Aperture : Smooth

Focus : Smooth 

Leica Hektor 73mm f1.9 ltm lens

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