Nicholas White’s Black Dots is Issue Five’s cover feature. The project takes us on a journey through the vast British countryside and explores the culture of ‘Bothies’, temporary accommodation used by those travelling through the wilderness.


Paula Iwala highlights the under-representation of black models in mainstream fashion in his work Black in Fashion. The images achieve something truly rare: it is fashion photography as important as it is beautiful.


Nichola Muirhead’s up-close and personal approach documents residents of the Trellick Tower in West London. Muirhead’s intimate portraits and excerpts from interviews give us a sense of what it’s like to live in one of the capitals most iconic brutalist buildings.


Taking on a microscopic technique, Christelle Boulé captures the formation perfume takes when reacting with photographic paper. Drops use of this alternative photographic process materialises scent in an almost painterly fashion with a scientific, molecular aesthetic.


Regular Features Include:

Portrait Page, Centre Fold, Turning Point, Book Review

Featured Photographers:
Christelle Boulé
Carlotta Cardana
Oscar Dunbar
Paul Iwala
Darren Lewey
Nicola Muirhead
Nicholas White
Vasantha Yogananthan


Grace Benton
Alex Ingram
Mischa Frankl-Duval
Gemma Padley
Iris Veysey
Luke Archer

Loupe Issue 5