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The fast track to fine photography - three photo courses unique to The Latent Image:

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

‘The Expressive Camera’

Our very popular fortnightly photo school course of 5 x 2 hr lessons returns in September. Make space in your diaries! Please note: these courses get booked up very quickly!

...In a world awash with images, today's photographers all face the problem of how, as creative people, they can define and project their individual vision. The course is dedicated to stimulating your senses, awareness, creativity and, above all, your personal style as photographers. This series will teach you how to become a storyteller with a camera. The key objective being to learn how to make your photography truly expressive.

You will be taught how to work effectively to create your own style of visual expression - with the goal that what you aim to ultimately produce will be more than simply an imitation or interpretation of the photography that has gone before.

This five-lesson course will explore both theory and practice as you learn how to produce powerful and truly moving images that will transform your photography to make a real and lasting impact on those around you.

The course is held at The Latent Image offices in Shrewsbury and is taught by our creative director - photographer and film maker, Matthew Whiteman and William Temple, founder of The Latent Image.

Cost is £150 for the entire course - which is held every other week over a two month period.

...The Latent Image will also be presenting two other photo courses later this year - please let us know if you would like to attend!

'Words and and Pictures'

A two-lesson course totalling four hours of tuition held over a two week period.

This course is the companion to 'The Expressive Camera'

Great photographs deserve great copy. Images dominate our lives but without words to anchor them, they can swiftly be forgotten. The photographers of the great picture magazines knew that the words that accompanied their images were just as vital. The same can now be said for social media. To make a real impact online you need to know how to effectively use both words and pictures. A single image may capture the imagination but a narrative built up of a series of pictures and words has a far more powerful and lasting impact.

...Because people love stories!.

This course will teach you how to become a real story-teller with words and camera.

Cost is £45 including refreshments

‘The Reflecting Eye’

A one day photo school

Film photography is enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity amongst both amateurs and professionals. After the digital wave, people are rediscovering the unique and exquisite qualities of images produced on film.

But how does a photographer discover what combination of film and camera type will best suit their creative approach? Should you choose a Leica or a Nikon; or maybe a Rolleiflex or Hasselblad? Or perhaps even venture into a large format camera..? Or maybe you already have the ideal film camera but still need the expertise to get the best from it.

The 'Reflecting Eye' will help you discover the striking and exciting differences in approach that each of the great film cameras offer - and the very different look and feel of the photographs realised.

Through learning of the history, theory and practice of the great photographers at work, together with the chance for you to experience hands-on the different types of cameras they used, this course will set you firmly on the journey to become the best kind of film photographer you can be.

Cost is £25 including refreshments

Blog and photo course concepts copyright Matthew Whiteman 2023

Camera images copyright The Latent Image 2023

Historic images copyright various

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